About JCI
JCI is a Kansas City-based firm that consults nationwide. The president of JCI is Dr. Allen Beck. He has more than 35 years of applied experience working with "at-risk populations." This experience includes reducing jail overcrowding, planning detention facilities, planning and evaluating offender treatment programs and alternatives to incarceration, and performing operational analyses of facilities and organizations.
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Who we serve
  • County government
  • County adult corrections
  • Adult probation and parole agencies
  • Juvenile correctional programs
  • State adult correctional departments
  • Private organizations serving offender
  •     populations
    Our Consulting Philosophy
    Our apparoch to correctional consulting is to recognize that the ultimate client is the taxpayer. In studying jail needs we sometimes find the appropriate response to jail crowding is to recommend reducing problems in the criminal justice system that needlessly inflate the jail population. When a new facility is needed, we follow best practices and standards of the American Correctional Association in planning and design.
    Ideas and services for decision-makers who seek solutions for jail and corrections problems.
       A Proven Jail Design that Cuts Construction
          Costs by One-half or More
       Example of How We Rapidly Reduced a Jail
       Jail Bloating: A Cause of Jail Overcrowding 
       Deciding on a New Jail Design
       Two Approaches for Determing Jail Needs 
      Forecasting: Fiction and Utility in Jail Planning 
      What County Commissioners Need to Know
          About Their Jail 
       Misleading Jail Bed Costs
       Recidivism: A Poorly Understood Concept
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               What we do
  • We take a "get-in-there and help" approach to     reducing jail populations, as if we were your staff. 
  • Forecast capacity requirements of new jails.
  • Study criminal justice system operations.
  • Plan alternatives to incarceration. 
  • Perform general & financial feasibility studies.
  • Evaluate operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Perform staffing analyses.
  • Develop programs for offenders.
  • Assist local architects in facility planning
  • Analyze jail data bases for strategic planning.
  • Assist attorneys in class action lawsuits.
  • Perform evaluations of correctional vendors for private investors.  
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