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Financial Feasibility Assessment 
In financial feasibility studies, we serve as an independent, neutral entity to research, analyze, assess, and determine the likelihood that a county can service the debt on a capital development bond.  To ensure this neutrality, we exempt ourselves from subsequent work in planning a new facility if we determine it is needed. Such studies provide information to satisfy the interests of the public and decision-makers, and/or of underwriters, financial analysts, and potential investors, if private financing is to be sought.JCI's independent status will not be tied to any interests, opportunities, or financial gain related to a favorable report. Typically this kind of study addresses four questions:
  QUESTION 1.  Can the voters and/or investors be assured that the facility will be viable?
               – Will the facility adequately serve the county's needs over the duration of
               the bond issue?
  QUESTION 2.  What will it cost to construct, operate, and maintain the facility over the
               duration of the bond issue?
  QUESTION 3.  Will the economic resources of the county be sufficient to service the debt
               on a 20-year bond cycle? 
  QUESTION 4.  If any aspects of facility viability, costs, or economic sufficiency, in 
               questions 1-3, are found not to support financial underwriting, are there any
               alternatives that would reduce risk or otherwise permit the county to achieve
               its goal of providing adequate space for immediate and long term operations
               of the criminal justice facility?
Specialized Feasibility Study 
A specialized study examines a particular aspect, such as the viability of contracting with a private company to operate a jail for the county.  This form of analysis may involve on-site inspection of the private operator's current operations, assessment of compliance with best practices and applicable correctional standards, history of operations, and various cost considerations. 
Our Background 
Our background in planning and operating facilities, contracting and assisting private vendors of correctional services, in conducting performance audits of agencies and facilities, and in forecasting gives us the depth needed to effectively conduct financial and special feasibility studies of correctional projects.  In addition, we have the experience of working with investment banking firms and analysts to provide information they need in considering bond underwriting.
Feasibility Studies