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Experience in Grantsmanship
Dr. Allen Beck, President of JCI
* His successful grant application for $500,000 was selected as a model for the country --  Dr. Beck  developed a proposal for improving emergency response and crisis management in the Kansas City, Missouri School District. Not only was the proposal funded by the U.S. Department of Education, but it was selected as a model of how to write proposals.
* Developed grant solitication format -- For the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities program of the Kansas City School District, Dr. Beck developed a grant application format for soliciting proposals from local educational service providers.
* Grant program evaluator -- Dr. Beck has served as the evaluator on several federally funded projects. In one of the projects, a Center for Substance Abuse Prevention Project, he was selected as a speaker on evaluation methods.  Also, his format for process evaluation was duplicated by several other grantee programs.
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