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Evaluation Services
Our Types of Evaluation Services
Performance Audit -- A study of organizational functioning for the purpose of identifying how to improve efficiencies and cost-effectiveness. These studies tend to involve large organizations, such as a large facility, a division of a large correctional agency, or an entire department of corrections. More than one discipline is typically involved, such as security, personnel/HR, administration, medical services, and educational services.
Facility Operational Assessment --Usually a study of a particular operation, such as security operations in a jail. Often the purpose is to bring operations into line with best practices and the standards of the American Jail Association and American Jail Association.
Program Evaluation -- This type of evaluation usually involves a single type of treatment program, such as a drug treatment program with a facility, a county department of corrections, or a state correctional agency. An evaluation can address three questions: (1) Does the program function as planned?, (2) Did the program make a difference in those treated?  (3) What does it cost per participant? A fourth question usually appears in larger evaluations: (4) Could another program have achieved the same results at less cost?  
Needs Assessment -- The most frequent forms are (1) Training needs analysis of staff and (2) Treatment needs analysis of adjudicated offenders in facilities or community-based correctional programs.
Staffing Analysis -- Such analyses provide objective assessments about the types and number of staff needed to operate a facility.  Such objective assessments are important when decision-makers are faced with major budgetary and safety issues.  Such analyses take into account a variety of important considerations, such as the types of posts being operated, the security level of inmates, physical barriers obstructing access and view, and activity schedules. Rarely, if ever, should staffing be based on a ratio of staff to inmates.
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