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ABOUT THESE ARTICLES: They are in PDF format and may be distributed for local use only. They may be cited in publications but not reproduced for widescale distribution without permisision of the author.
 (Reducing the Costs of Jail Construction) An Evolutionary Step in Direct Supervision Jails: Organizational Culture, Design, and Costs of the Falkenburg Road Jail
This jail is more advanced than typical direct supervision jails. The article explains how, by improving the effectiveness of inmate supervision, the cost of jail design can be reduced. 
(This article appeared in the March/April, 2007 issue of American Jails, the official magazine of the American Jail Association.)
  Example of How We Rapidly Reduced a Jail Population
We avoided the typical consultant's role, which is to study the criminal justice system, write a report, and go away. Instead, we became actively involved in examining the processing of inmates and working with the prosecutor, public defender, pretrial release program, and judges in reducing delay. -- The results were dramatic.
   Deciding on a New Jail Design
This article contains pictures and discussion of four types of inmate housing units. The designs are examined in light of inmate management, liability, and costs. Suggestions are also provided about how to select an architect and ensure that a new jail design complies with recommended correctional standards.
  Two Approaches for Determing Jail Needs 
 Decision makers concerned about the adequacy of information used in planning jails may be surprised  at the limitations of the most frequently used approach for studying jail needs. 
  Forecasting: Fiction and Utility in Jail Planning 
 What should you expect from a forecast and how can you rationally approach the addition of jail capacity? (This article appeared in the August 1998 issue of Correctional Building News.) 
  Jail Bloating: A Common but Unnecessary Cause of Jail Overcrowding 
 This article defines jail bloating, explains what produces it, provides indicators that will help diagnose its existence, and offers a variety of strategies for its remedy. [This is a large file with graphics, so please be patient while it loads.]
   What County Commissioners Need to Know About Their Jail 
Six aspects county commissioners should know that will help in making decisions on jail budgetsand issues affecting county liability. (This article was distributed in Oklahoma to all counties and was recommended reading for candidates running for office by the Oklahoma State Jail Inspector.) 
  Recidivism: A Fruit Salad Concept in the Criminal Justice World 
Decision makers should be "healthy skeptics" when encountering information about recidivism in public statements and reports. This article explains how the concept of recidivism can be misleading and what to ask in evaluating recidivism information.
  Misleading Jail Bed Costs
How much will a new jail cost?" is one of the early questions county commissioners and taxpayers often ask before a new jail is planned. This article explores why early estimates are often inaccurate.
  Avoiding the Expense of Constructing Unnecessary Jail Capacity
What are four key questions in estimating bed space requirements and how can you ensure that cost reduction options will be identified? (This article first appeared in The Corrections Professional, April 18, 1997 and has been updated to reflect current construction costs.)
 The Improvement Opportunity Factor: Don't Automate Inefficient Offender Management Practices
Five important features are often found to be missing in offender case management information systems. These features can boost productivity in offender supervision and program administration. (This article appeared in Making Corrections Technology Work for You, March 1997.) 
>>  Model RFP: Jail Needs Assessment  (Article restricted to counties)
This article will help counties write an effective request for proposals, RFP, to select a jail planner. Thearticle explains what should be included in an RFP and provides examples. The model 's template format will help reduce the guesswork of writing the RFP. Click here for information on how to easily obtain a copy.

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