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How to Obtain the Model RFP for a Jail Needs Assessment
Overview of the Model Request for Proposals (RFP)
This document is based on the experience of Dr. Allen Beck in responding to many RFPs, from training hundreds of criminal justice planners, researching forecasting methods for the U.S. Department of Justice, and conducting more than 40 studies that assessed the need for new jails.  Contents of this document include the following elements:
* A list of services needed for various types of jail planning studies.
* The various items needed in an effective jail RFP.
* Which RFP items are rated as Essential, Strongly Recommended, and Optional. 
* The rationale for including each RFP item.
* How to customize the RFP to meet local needs.
* Recommendations about what you should tell in the RFP about your county, the criminal justice system, and the existing jail so that consultants can more effectively orient their proposals to your needs.
* Instructions to guide the consultants who will be responding to various items in your RFP.
* Methodological issues that should be understood by the selection committee so that members can effectively evaluate responses to your RFP.
* Samples of how to write the RFP items.
* Insights into what a jail study should cost.
* Terms and conditions that should be included in an RFP.
How to Obtain a Copy of the Model RFP
The model RFP is a copyrighted, restricted distribution article available only to sheriffs, jail administrators, county planners, county board members, and jail planning committee members. In order to obtain a copy of the article send an e-mail request to Dr. Allen Beck.
After receipt of your request, a PDF (Portable Document Format) file containing the article will be sent to your e-mail address. Permission will be granted only for distribution to county officials involved in jail planning. No permission will be given to distribute this article to jail consultants or to persons not specifically involved in developing your county's RFP.
When requesting the model RFP, please include:

* Who will be using the document
* Number of copies to be made
* Your name and title
* Agency
* County and State
Go to contact page to call or send e-mail.
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