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About Us
JCI is a Kansas City-based firm that consults nationwide.The company was formed in 1994. As will be seen in the Project List Section of this website, the range of projects has been very wide.  
Our Philosophy
We have encountered situations in which a jail study finds that a new jail is not needed to deal with overcrowding, but can be remedied by making justice system improvements. We refuse to work with architects who see jail needs studies as smokescreens for convincing decsion-makers to build new facilities. We strongly feel that our services must be for what is best for the "ultimate client," the taxpayers of a community.
Allen Beck, Ph.D., President of JCI
Allen has performed studies of criminal justice needs in more than 40 counties across the country. These studies were performed in both small and large counties. As a result of this experience, he has developed a unique methodology for studying jail inmates, which provides information about the types of treatment and supervision both in detention and for placement in alternatives to incarceration. For the U.S. Department of Justice, Allen developed a reference manual on techniques of jail and prison population forecasting.  Because of his work in forecasting and  planning of correctional programs, he was selected by the Department of Justice to train state and local criminal justice planners and evaluators in methods of data analysis, planning, and evaluation. His skills include evaluation of a wide range of criminal justice programs, including electronic monitoring, community corrections, boot camps, and community policing. Allen was also Director of Research for a national project funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, which reviewed substance abuse treatment programs in state and local correctional facilities (prisons and jails). He has trained jail staff in methods of supervising inmates, planned drug courts, and consulted in the reorganization of a police department and in the development of the Board of Corrections for the State of Florida.  His correctional experience includes serving as the State Coordinator of Diagnostic programs in the Georgia Department of Corrections.  He holds a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice Administration, a Master's in Rehabilitation Counseling, and a Bachelor's in Psychology.  Allen also received training through the Institute for Court Management in criminal case processing and has been a Research Fellow in the U.S. Department of Justice.
Our Teaming Consultants
 Over the course of many projects, Allen has developed a working relationship with a select few, exceptional criminal justice consultants who team with JCI on projects as the need arises for their special expertise.
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